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MEC approaches every project with passion and dedication, applying meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design and strategic process. This tailored approach is driven by our clients’ aspirations and business objectives, allowing us to reduce the superfluous and deliver functional, enduring and effective design solutions. Our approach is informed by a combination of explorative and instinctive techniques coupled with sound strategic thinking. This contrasting perspective enables us to create consistent and measurable results whilst ensuring our work is well balanced and fit for purpose.

From boutique start-ups to global businesses from wide range of sectors and geographic locations, our clients continue to collaborate with us to deliver their creative and strategic ambitions.

We provide quality work with passion and precision because we love what we do.

The Process

Step 1 Due Diligence

MEC will coordinate with you to identify any requirements, guidelines and/or pertinent marketing strategies based on your target audience, as well as implement initial branding, logo concepts, website content, features and functionality.

Step 2 Initial Creation

Here, branding guidelines, logo, initial website & marketing materials (print and interactive) drafts are created. MEC will present options best suited to your needs based on content and marketing goals.

Step 3 Creative Process & Review

Next your design concept will be reviewed. MEC will make all necessary revisions until final design and content is reviewed, and final outcomes are met and fully approved by you.

Step 4 Finalization

Now your website is ready to go live. We will send all final files and if any significant changes or re-structuring is needed, we will make minor adjustments as necessary. MEC is here for you along the way.




MEC provides print ready PDF of all marketing materials, interactive marketing material files, and website back-up files. We can help you facilitate printing needs either by coordinating with your own printers or by obtaining a bid from our print house.

There is no substitute for hard work



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